Is MLK’s dream still a ‘dream’ or has it become reality?
March 2, 2019
Job Hazard Analysis – Good Answers
March 2, 2019

Develop a Learning Environment – Good Answers

Develop a Learning Environment – Good Answers

Content – Select a content area of you preference. It could be K-12 or
it could be higher ed. The project should cover 2-3 sessions of the
List these section titles, then type the description
Design –
Articulate the Backward Design of the Project – please follow this sequence in your submission
Describe the essential question
Describe the student performance of the learning
Then, list the standards, goals, objectives, and activities
Pedagogy – list and describe how you will address each of the Nine Conditions
Design Thinking – please describe how you used Design Thinking
Technology – Build a table that lists the SAMR level, description of the
technology, the name of the technology task, and finally how the
Is a functional change
Demonstrates student acquisition of learning

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