Evaluate the issues and challenges associated with software engineering.
October 24, 2018
Identify a software development process that needs a tool
October 24, 2018

Defining Western Civilization

Defining Western Civilization
From your readings and the Crash Course videos we have seen this week,
What do you think defines the “civilized” aspects of the cultures we are looking at?
How are they defined as “Western?”  click here for more information on this paper
Do you think this is a useful way to group these cultures together?
Remember to answer all parts of the question.
What two things did you learn in this class that changed the way you looked at the ancient world?
What one thing did you learn that changed how you look at the world today?
This test is open note and open book. Use outside sources for this, and cite them appropriately.  DO NOT use Wikipedia, encyclopedias or children’s sites. I would like each response to be at minimum 300 words, which means 1200 minimum for the whole exam. Be specific and give me as many examples as you can.
1. In this course we have considered the role of art in expressing key cultural values.  Give three concrete examples of ways in which art, architecture or literature expressed conditions or values in the cultures we have studied.click here for more information on this paper
2. Identify two contributions of the Roman Empire in architecture or engineering.  How did they function and what values of Roman culture did they convey?
3. How did Ancient Greece influence the development of Rome?  In what areas did Rome take its own direction?  Give examples from the arts and politics.
4. Through what means did Rome build and maintain their great empire?  Think in terms of political structure, technology, and culture.


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