Define Organizational psychology

Define Organizational psychology

Explain the role of research and statistic in Organizational psychology

Describe how organizational psychology can be used in organizations

Paper : APA style
900 word paper
Cite every criterion section

Behavioral Finance


1) ________ is the field of study that applies concepts from social sciences such as psychology and sociology to help understand the behavior of securities prices.

A) Behavioral finance

B) Strategical finance

C) Methodical finance

D) Procedural finance

2) If a market participant believes that a stock price is irrationally high, they may try to borrow stock from brokers to sell in the market and then make a profit by buying the stock back again after the stock falls in price. This practice is called

A) short selling.

B) double dealing.

C) undermining.

D) long marketing.

3) ________ means people are more unhappy when they suffer losses than they are happy when they achieve gains.

A) Loss fundamentals

B) Loss aversion

C) Loss leader

D) Loss cycle

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