Cultural/Spirituality Presentation and Care Plan Guidelines

The need for cultural competence is being increasingly recognized by health-care providers and health-related organizations in the United States and globally.  The social ideology of a melting pot is passe’ and has been replaced by recognizing that people deserve respect within their cultural framework and as individuals” (Purnell, 2014, p. 1).  Health care providers are caring for an increasingly diverse U.S. population in addition to patients and families who reside in countries other than the US, but who seek health care services within the United States health care system.  There is compelling evidence in the literature that supports disparities in health care across ethnic, social, and economic groups; therefore, it is important that health care providers be attentive to cultural diversity and cultural competency (Purnell, 2014).
The purpose of this assignment is to:

Describe the biological characteristics, social organization, environmental control, and language of a specific cultural group of people.
Discuss health care beliefs (including complementary and alternative medicine) of a specific ethnocultural, religious, or social group.
Discuss spirituality as it relates to a specific ethnocultural group.
Integrate knowledge of sociocultural variations into culturally sensitive nursing care.
Acknowledge the impact that personal and professional beliefs, values, ethics, and life experiences may have on nursing care of patients of different cultures.
Develop a PowerPoint presentation and a care plan that relates to a specific ethnocultural group.

In order to complete this assignment, students will be utilizing the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence and its accompanying organizing framework.
Assignment Requirements: Use the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence to answer the following questions and integrate this information into a PowerPoint presentation with audio (IF YOU DESIRE).  Address nursing ethical issues that may possibly arise when caring for a patient who is a member of the specific ethnocultural group.  In addition, include AT LEAST one nursing implication that demonstrates use of evidence-based, culturally sensitive nursing care practices for each area (a-k) below:

Describe an overview and heritage of a particular ethnocultural group
Discuss the following as they relate to your chosen ethnocultural group:

Family Roles and Organization
Workforce Issues
Biocultural Ecology
High-Risk Health Behaviors
Pregnancy and Childbearing Practices
Death Rituals
Health-Care Practices
Health-Care Practitioners

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