Reaction Papers (Review the Grading Rubric)In addition to Discussion Board postings, you must submit APA style and formatted Reaction Papers of no less than 800 words (12 pitch), excluding the wording in the Cover page, Abstract page, and Reference page. The papers are due no later than Sunday at 11:55 PM Eastern during Modules/Weeks 2, 3, 4, and 5. Your Reaction Papers must be in full APA style and format including the cover page, abstract page, in-text citations, properly placed page numbers, running heads, and a reference page identifying all sources. Your Reaction Papers must address a minimum of one full chapter of the assigned readings for the Module.No more than 25 % of each written assignment in this course may be attributed to referenced sources. Your papers must be 75% original thought. Again, your cited work and quotations must not exceed 25%. Failure to properly use in-text citations or required quotation formatting will be considered evidence of potential Academic Honor Code violations. The submission of writings from prior courses, classes, schools, colleges, or universities to fulfill assignment requirements in this class will be referred as a potential Academic Code Violation.It is strongly suggested you follow the following logical flow in presenting your reaction paper: critical overview of the entire reading, significant facts or information disclosed, and a conclusion based upon inductive or deductive reasoning flowing from the assigned reading. A Reaction Paper is designed to develop and sharpen your critical thinking, cognitive skills, and problem-solving abilities, as well as your writing skills. Your objective in writing this assignment is to clearly articulate your assessment of the information presented by the author(s) and to formulate and clarify your position on or reaction to the writings.Avoid “I will . . .” and “My paper will . . .” and “This paper will . . .” constructions in your writings. In other words, the use of “I” and “My” and “We” in your written work must be avoided.

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