Graduate Level Writing Required.DUE:Thursday, January 30, 2019. by 10pm Eastern Standard Time.Top of FormWrite a 800- to 1,050-word paper analyzing how crime is defined based on three prominent views in term of criminal behavior. Provide an explanation of the occurrence of crime by outlining the main assumptions of the consensus view, conflict view and interactionist view. In your paper, be sure to include the following:Address the following points in your paper:-What are the current trends in the crime rate?-What social and environmental factors do you believe influence the crime rate?Identify any other factors you think may contribute to criminal behavior and the crime rate.-Explain how you would investigate the occurrence of crime through research and theory development.-Describe the various sources of crime data along with the advantages and disadvantages to collecting data from each source.-Briefly explain the importance of crime research in the development of recidivism reduction strategies or crime prevention policies.-REVIEW & Follow the Instructor Writing Guide.-Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.-Include at least two peer-reviewed references.-Provide at least 3 Academic / Scholarly references.-100% Original Work.-Must Be Graduate Level Writing.

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