This writing assignment (short term paper) is based off a U.S courts of appeal case: (2004 Farrell Vs. Burke) This is due Monday 5/16/16 at 10 A.M U.S eastern time. Do not message if you are not able to complete assignment before this deadline.This is a straightforward assignment, APA, and the assignment will be presented for more understanding, including the link to the court case to be researched, read, and written about based off the assignment. Please follow the assignments direction protmly because this prof is a hard a** he did state he will reduce a letter grade if some instructions are not taken directly.4 pages is fine, APA format, sub-titles is neccessary and a must! every question must be answered and detailed in accordance with the case and the findings. (Link to the court case, I couldn’t convert this into a pdf file)

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