This week you will be writing an essay, 2 pages double-spaced in length, on what happens when Constitutional rights collide.  You can find an example from the news or caselaw,  but here are some suggestions:Religious rights (1st amendment) versus equal protection (14th amendment): of speech (1st amendment) versus equal protection/protected classes (14th amendment) from Search/seizure (4th amendment) versus right to carry a firearm (2nd amendment:,he%20is%20carrying%20a%20firearm%3FIf you find something that’s not technically a conflict, but is interesting to you, that’s fine!  Here are some interesting Constitutional issues:- Can cities impose mask mandates?  Is this even a Constitutional issue, why or why not?- Can a state make laws that put a greater burden on minority residents (think voting restrictions)?- Should mandatory draft registration be imposed on both men and women?

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