Compose a letter from a citizen of Europe from the Gothic period way back in time to a citizen of Rome before the year 500 AD.

Compose a letter from a citizen of Europe from the Gothic period way back in time to a citizen of Rome before the year 500 here for more information on this paper

Create a fictitious character with a history, an occupation, and whatever details you think are pertinent. They can be an artist’s apprentice, pope, farmer, prince, bum, bartender, reformist, prisoner, anything you want, as long as you can use them to incorporate different social/technological/cultural changes of the Middle Ages- look back at the module and the text for material.

Here’s a brief example using the Renaissance (not the Middle Ages):


From mail patron of the Clergy of Santa Marina Novella- Florence, Italy:

 April 7th, 1522-


Things have been interesting at the monastery these past few months. At the moment things are good, the sale of these retributions has made living very comfortable around here. Who am I to grant pardons on behalf our Lord? I had never even been to church for any reason other than to view the artwork (Speaking of which, rumor is that Titian himself will be gracing our baptistery with a resurrection scene as soon as next spring.) I am no less a sinner than these people of the streets, I’m just a man filling a position opened by the spread of the plague. We gamble, we steal, we lie- as does any man; no wonder Luther’s Protestants are becoming such a threat. Surely, this would be the undoing of the church; without the church, what is there of Europe? We’ve become proficient here, at the monastery, at printing pamphlets for the Pope himself to distribute- we have our own press; why not? Those heretical Protestants do. We’re contracted to begin printing books of plant studies for the university next month- I may even be doing some of the woodcuts myself. (ETC., ETC., ETC.)

Your dear brother,

Lorenzo Baroni III


I’m not expecting Shakespeare, I just want you to spend some time on this and put yourself in the perspective of someone living through a time where the world seems to be turning upside down. Successfully completing this assignment will require you to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of this module (The Middle Ages) and the previous one (The Ancient World). Use as many specific references to influential social and cultural factors, events, and characteristics as you can in order to prove to me that you’ve learned something from the text book and material. I’m expecting AT LEAST 400 words- that being said, you will be graded on content and understanding of both the Middle Ages and Ancient World as settings- as a real live things that people like us lived through. This is your opportunity to show me how much you’ve learned, so the more information you provide (meaning the more you write, and more information you include), the better off you’ll be. I have high expectations, so put a lot of effort into here for more information on this paper

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