Comparing research articles

Literature Search Paper Grading Rubric (length 2-3 pages of contentýnot including title page or reference page)
ONE POSTED DOCUMENT in your individual forum
Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due/format, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document.
0.25 point -APA Title page with running head etcý
0.5point -Introductionýparagraph on what this paper is about
0.75 point-Three data bases identified with key words/search criteria plus number of citations for each one
1.5 points-State how you know these are research study articles versus just journal articles (specific criteria you used to make this determination)
1.5 points- Identify which one is quan and which one is qual and why (specific criteria you used to make this determination)
1 point-Type of nursing journals and how you know it is a peer-reviewed (specific criteria you used to make this determination)
0.5 point-Conclusion: paragraph on the overall summary
0.5 point- Paragraph on what you learned from this assignment in third person

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