Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements provides guidance for this situation.

. I believe that the Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements provides guidance for this situation. Christine has witnessed on multiple occasions the fear Sylvia has instilled in her residents and lacking compassion towards them. Which leads to the first provision which states, “The nurse practices with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and unique attributes of every person” (Butts & Rich, 2016, pg. 463). Leaving an aware and oriented resident, in restraints, lying in their own excrement does not show compassion or respect for human dignity. As a nurse in a long-term care center these things are the most important. The residents are here to be taken care of not neglected and that is what Sylvia is doing. They are people with rights to a good caregiver who gives them their all and it is obvious Sylvia is not doing this but instead instilling fear. You’re patients should trust you and feel safe in your care.

As for Christine in this case, she should report the lack of treatment Sylvia is giving her residents. The fourth provision state, “The nurse has authority, accountability, and responsibility for nursing practice; makes decisions; and takes action consistent with the obligation to promote health and to provide optimal care” (Butts & Rich, 2016, pg. 473). This provision shows guidance for Christine in this situation because it is her obligation to provide optimal care. Even though these residents are not under Christine’s care it is still her responsibility as a nurse to see what is happening and act on it. These residents are not receiving optimal care and Christine should do something about it. Whether it be go to whoever is in charge and report Sylvia or speak to Sylvia herself but something has to be done because no resident should fear their caregiver. (BAKER)

2. The Code of Ethics does provide guidance for this situation. Sylvia broke the code of ethics which can be met different ways however is not negotiable. She did not have respect for human dignity nor did she preserve her patient’s integrity. Allowing her patient to lay in her own excrements and leaving her patient tightly restrained to her bed shows no respect to her. Although I am aware that restraints can be used, there is a proper way to use them and Sylvia appears to be abusing her power. Letting her patient lay in her own feces also shows no respect to her patient because she is not taking her patient’s feeling into consideration. That can be a very embarrassing moment for the patient. Sylvia’s treatment of her patient will also hinder her relationship with them. She is not allowing her patient’s their autonomy by being paternalistic which will not allow them to receive the best care possible if they do not have a good patient- nurse relationship.

Patients have the right to self-determination which is being violated with Sylvia’s actions. The right to self-determination means that they determine what can be done to their selves. By restraining them, she is taking away that right. According to the Code of Ethics, if patients cannot make their own decisions, a surrogate decision maker should be appointed therefore if Sylvia believes that her patient could not make their own decisions, she should have taken the appropriate steps to find someone who could do it for the patient.

Lastly, Sylvia did not maintain integrity of the profession through her actions. The nursing code of ethics states that “nursing must continually emphasize the value of respect, fairness, and caring within the national and global nursing communities in order to promote health in all sectors of the population”. Her behavior is not displaying the strong moral values necessary to be in the care of patients. Her patients and their families trusted her to care for her patients and
Sylvia broke that trust. (NLEND)


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