CL600 Introduction to Legal Analysis I

IntroductionAfter attending the Seminar for this module, you will draft an intentional torts outline for intentional torts concepts that you have learned through Module 3.Assignment DirectionsDo not start this Assignment until you attend the Seminar for this module or have listened to the archived class and have completed the interactive outlining activity. Prepare an outline for intentional torts through Module 3 using the concepts discussed in the Module 4 Seminar and upload it. The outline has no required length or formatting requirements. It should include all rules for intentional torts through Module 3 and be organized in a way that helps you memorize the rules and approach to an intentional torts fact pattern. You may refer to the sample structure provided in the Sample Outline or you may create your own structure.Grading and PointsThis Assignment is due at the end of Module 4 and is worth 80 points.View the grading rubric.Submitting Your AssignmentWhen you are ready to submit your Assignment, select the Assignment menu at the top of the screen and choose the Module 4 Assignment Dropbox.This Assignment addresses the following module learning outcomes:Synthesize rules of law for intentional torts.Outline substantive course material.This Assignment meets the following course outcome:CL600-3: Organize information about a legal subject in an accurate and logical fashion.

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