special occasion speech outline.

special occasion speech outline.APA style.the subject will be a memorial speech of ( coming to USA ). Creat a story about that.in the attechment you will find :- Outline Examples and who it will be graded

Vaccinations Persuasive Essay

MLA styleOriginal (Turnit.com) Non-plagiarizedAt LEAST 6 academic sources1400-1600 words (5-6 pages)Due ASAPWorks Cited page (per MLA)

Summarizing, Quoting, Responding (3 pages)

Write an argument in which you summarize Kevin Kelly’s essay “Better than Human” and respond to his essay with your own “I say.”  Note that quoting (giving evidence) is a key element in this paper.  Your paper should include the following parts.- Introduction: Your first paragraph should introduce the writer, state the title of the […]

English 4

Brief description needed. I have included the worksheet that needs to be filled out and an example of one. It can not duplicate the example and has to be orginal but it is enough to help work off of.

Analyzing 3 Articles-3.5 pages due in 10 hours

I need this within 10 hoursRead these three articles and follow all instructions in the picture, should be 3.5 pages1.Azar Nafisi’s “selections from reading Lolita in Tehran”2.Malcolm Gladwell “The power of context”3.Susan Faludi “The naked Citadel”The pictures are all the instructions. The essay needs to have 1 intro paragraph and 3 body paragraphs and 1 […]

Can you help me with my assignment!!!

The Assignment:This assignment will have two parts:1.) SummarySummarize in 150-200 words the article your instructor has chosen from the assignment: “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” on pages 270-274 of your 9th edition textbook (or on pages 276-279 of your 8th edition textbook or pages 287-291 in your 7th edition textbook).  In this summary, you should relay […]

The Great Gatspy Paper

Paper 1 turns out to be five paragraphs in length, with the three bodyparagraphs written with 20 sentences each.  That means that the  bodyparagraphs will be 20 sentences long, or a total of 60 sentences.  Theopening and closing paragraphs will be about five or so sentences inlength.6. Paper 1 Preparation6.1. Module 6.1: Getting Started–the Openng […]

2-3 page essay, providing OPINIONS based on the reading.

The concept is to give a really small summary of the readings, Really short” and then explain what “I” think of the story basically your own opinion prentending that you are me.  In all give opinions on the videos and the readings and a very small summary of each. One of them is a video, […]

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