The case study should be at least four pages in length   and include at least two outside sources, one of which must come from the CSU   Online Library. Be sure to use APA formatting for all citations and   references. Please note that no abstract is needed.Ted Brown and Jim Green have been discussing going into   business together for several months, and they are anxious to start that   business before the end of this month. However, both Ted Brown and Jim Green   each have to be out of town for several weeks on other business, so Ted Brown   has told his son, Theodore, who is 16, about the discussions with Jim Green   and has appointed Theodore to complete negotiation of the final details of   the business. Jim Green has told his son James, who is 18 years old, about   the discussions with Ted Brown and appointed James to complete the   negotiations.The business that Ted Brown and Jim Green want to create   will develop an app for cell phones that will identify family-oriented   attractions along major highways so families can download the app to help in   planning family vacations. The development of the app will take 4 months, and   then it will take approximately another 4 months to fully deploy the app. As   the app becomes popular, the business will solicit family-oriented businesses   to advertise on the app. Ted Brown and Jim Green have very little capital to   use in the development and deployment of the app and will probably need to   raise the capital necessary to develop and deploy a quality app.In your case study, address the questions below.Can Theodore Brown and James Green legally create the        business that Ted Brown and Jim Green have been discussing? Why, or why        not?If Theodore and James do create the business, what        duties do they each owe their father? Describe what those duties mean in        this case.What factors do Ted Brown and Jim Green (or their sons        on their behalf) need to consider in selecting a form for this business?What form of business will provide the most advantage        for their venture?What are the disadvantages of the form of business        that they selected?

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