Answer the below questions in a Word Document and upload it here.1. Discuss how you might use business analytics in your personal life, such as managing, budgeting, sports, and so on.  Be creative in identifying opportunities.2. A supermarket has been experiencing long lines during peak periods of the day. The problem is noticeably worse on certain days of the week, and the peak periods sometimes differ according to the day of the week.  There are usually enough workers on the job to open all cash registers. The problem the supermarket faces is knowing when to call some of the workers who are stocking shelves up to the front to work the checkout counters.  How might business analytics help the supermarket?  What data would be needed to facilitate good decisions?3. Suggest some metrics that a hotel might want to collect about their guests?  How might these metrics be used with business analytics to support decisions at the hotel?4. Suggest some metrics that a manager of a fast-food restaurant, such as McDonald’s or Chipotle, might want to collect.  Describe how the manager might use the data to facilitate better decisions.

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