Question 1 : Alicia owns a flower shop. Alicia has an employee, Sarah, who she hires to work at the cash register and handle customer payments and orders. One day, unbeknownst to Alicia, Sarah takes and keeps $20 from the cash register. Has Sarah committed any crimes? Discuss all of the possible crimes and why.Question 2 : Sally Stawks is an individual who really does not like Brian Blawg, a popular online food blogger and influencer who also blogs on Youtube and has amassed over 1 million subscribers to his site.  One day, after watching a restaurant review of Brian’s on his Youtube channel that Sally does not like, she responds to his Youtube video by writing a comment that says, knowing it is false, that Brian has a history of being physically abusive towards his girlfriends.  As a result, Brian is immediately unfollowed by half of his 1 million subscribers.  Brian wants to sue both Youtube and Sally in court, but is having problems locating Sally’s physical address where he can get a process server to serve her with a lawsuit.  Based on your readings, what would you advise Brian is his best course of action to pursue a lawsuit against both1) Youtube and  2) Sally, and 3) what are the chances of Brian succeeding against either Youtube or Sally, and why?  .

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