analyzing my diet and comparing it to both,

According to USDA Supertracker, my daily calories limit is 2,000. According to DASH diet, it is recommended to take: Grains: 6-8 serving/day; vegetables: 4-5 serving/ day; Fruits: 4-5 serving/ day; Fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products: 2-3 serving/ day; Lean meats, poultry, and fish: 6 or less/ day; Nuts, seeds and legumes 4-5per week; Fats and oils 2-3 serving/day; sweets and added sugars 5 or less per week. Compare to dietary assignment I met the calories limited per day, however, my diet was short of grains, vegetables, fruits, milks and have too much protein. The most important is sodium limit to 2300mg per day, however, I had 3555mg and 2856 mg to the two day I tracked my diet. I thought my diet should be health before the dietary tracking. I only can say I meet the calories limit per day. It is challenging for me to change the diet I used to. First, I will cut my protein intake. And I will increase my intake of both grains, vegetables, fruits, milks. The most challenging for me is to limit my sodium intake which is critical for hypertension prevention. I knew I may have too much sodium per day, but figured out that was too much after dietary assignment. I will try my best to take less sodium, and try to cook health food at home than eating out. I would say it is possible for me to modified my diet to DASH recommendation. But I do not believe most of the people can stick to the DASH. I will recommend MyFitness Pal or some of the apps we have discussed last week to track the diet. Tracking diet will let individuals acknowledge about their own diet and have the chances to modified.(WU)

2.   After analyzing my diet and comparing it to both, DASH and TLC, diets. It looks like my diet match up to DASH diet. I am already meeting grains, lean meats/poultry, and fats/oils goals. I need to work on my dairy and vegetables goals. The reason why I am not getting enough dairy is because currently I eliminated all the cheese from my diet due to recent problems with my skin. But normally I do eat cheese. Eating a lot of vegetables is definitely a challenge for me. I kind of tend to eat only cucumbers, spinach, bell peppers, and tomatoes nowadays. I normally eat plenty of fruits as well (bananas, pears, apples, blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, grapes, dragon fruit). The reason my fruit intake was low because I ran out of fruits that day.

I think both diets are very reasonable to follow. Both diets concentrate on a variety of foods and both incorporate complex carbs, lean meats, dairy, healthy fats, fruits, and vegetables. Both diets are teaching to be smart about food and consume everything in moderation. I think in order to meet daily goals for fruits and vegetables, making smoothies each day would help. (ZINNIA)

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