Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) – Good Answers
March 4, 2019
Identify the concept and related materials, skills, grade level, higher order thinking questions (use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide)
March 4, 2019

Analyze War – Good Answers

Analyze War – Good Answers

One of the most frightening
social problems is that of war. Unfortunately, human history has been
characterized by innumerable wars, wars costing millions of human lives, and
inflicting suffering almost beyond calculation. Of course, wars do not happen in
isolation. Sometimes we fail to see how other social problems play a role in
the genesis of human wars.

Your mission in this assignment
is to analyze war in the context of two other social problems covered in
Modules 6 through 8 (covering chapters 10 through 14 and associated videos).
Your analysis will demonstrate how these two other social problems can result
in war between nations. Your essay will follow the following format:

  • Introduction – introduce the
    mission of the essay and what will be covered.
  • Describe the first of the two
    social problems you have selected.
  • Explain how this social problem
    can ultimately lead to war.
  • Describe the second of the two
    social problems you have selected.
  • Explain how the social problem
    can ultimately lead to war.
  • Provide your own assessment as
    to the likelihood of either or both of these social problems eventually leading
    to war between countries.
  • Conclusion
  • Reference section – in APA

In your essay you must present
plenty of information from the course material, both written and video, to
support your analysis. You will be presenting information from Module 9 on war
(chapter 15 and video material), as well as information from the chapters from
which you have selected the two social problems you chose. Do not use
information other than from the course material for this exam. As was the case
for the midterm exam, this exam is designed to give you an opportunity to
display your understanding of and ability to apply the course material. Make
sure to fully develop each section of the assignment. I am looking for solid
critical thinking that uses evidence from the course material in your analysis

The essay should be a minimum
of 800 words. Naturally, the best essays typically exceed the minimum.

Make sure to cite and reference
the information you present in each of your essays. There
should be plenty of citations and a reference section at the end of the essay.
I have provided plenty of guidance to help you with citing and referencing in
APA format in the “Helpful Resources” section of the course in the
“Writing Resources” folder.  Also, here is a link to additional
information provided by Troy University to help you with any questions you have
about APA citing and referencing.


Mooney, L.A., Knox,
D., Schact, C.  (2015).
 Understanding Social Problems (9th Ed.).  Stamford, CT:
 Cengage Learning.

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