Analyze Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring

Each assigned group of students will present a poster using the criteria listed below. The poster will analyze Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring.Information may be obtained from the following website:  Articles related to the theory are listed on the website.  Students may use other resources obtained through website and database searches.

The poster will be posted on Discussion G using a one slide powerpoint format by the due date indicated on the course  and/or has templates for poster presentations.  Please check out and utilize if you like.  The information presented should be topical, brief and concise.

Formatted as one powerpoint slide (5 points)

Description of Theory (10 points):

Brief description of the theory (may be depicted graphically)

Relationships among the concepts of the theory

Address scope of the theory (why it is a grand theory?)

Theory Context (25 points): Present a brief depiction of the theory conceptualization for the following:

Metapardigm concepts
Philosophical basis of the theory
World view of the theory and appropriateness of this world view to the theory

Significance of the Theory (20 points)

Significance to the nursing profession
Significance to patient care
Significance to global communities, systems, and economics of health care

Application of the Theory (30 points)

Identify 2 propositions for the theory. (Peterson and Bredow, 6th ed. pp.15-16)
Apply the 2 propositions to a specific example in nursing practice, leadership or academic settings.
Evaluate how incorporation of this theory may impact your nursing care.

Clarity/Originality/Aesthetically Pleasing (10 points)

Original work of the student
Logical organization, written at the graduate level
Correct spelling and grammar/syntax; Punctuation used properly
Aesthetically pleasing.  Content presented in a brief, concise manner.
Adequate references (5 or more articles) and presented in APA format
Current (no older than 5 years except for seminal articles)scholarly nursing journal references should be used to support the content.This means very limited use of textbooks and internet-based materials.


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