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June 12, 2019
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June 12, 2019

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Application

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Application

1) If selected to own and operate a Delivery Service Partner, what
personal and business goals would you hope to achieve by starting your

2) What three words would you use to describe the culture you would
foster at your company? Explain why you chose each word to represent
your company’s culture.

3) Please describe your leadership style.

4) Please list and briefly describe your current involvement in the
community (i.e. social, public, private, and professional organization)?

So I’m applying to own/operate an Amazon Delivery Service Partnership. I
need the best answers so they can approve my application. I want to
give them exactly what they want to hear in order to approve my
application in becoming a successful owner of their delivery service
partnership. Please visit to get an overview of
what the opportunity for Amazon Service Partner consist of.

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