Discussion 1Respond to classmates posts Nathan (Germany) and Leigh (Norway) uploaded below and make observations based on the information they provided. Work to include personal insight and research to supplement your classmates’ analyses.Discussion 2In your responses to classmates, provide helpful assistance with their topic selection. You may share resources that you found and/or help classmates narrow their topic, for example.Melissa postI believe that Teen Pregnancy would be a good topic for me to use in our Final Project.  Teen pregnancy affects so many of our youth today, and many are thrown out of their homes and have no support to help them make decisions or take care of themselves and a baby.Many teens don’t tell someone they are pregnant due to the numerous emotions they are going through and don’t receive proper healthcare in the most critical parts of their pregnancy, resulting in developmental problems with their child.   Approximately 3.9 million unsafe abortions occur each year in teens because of the lack of information and help available to those young ladies.There are so many resources that we could offer to young ladies who are pregnant or young mothers to assist them in becoming great mothers and raising children who are well-nourished, developed, and are seen by a doctor regularly.  Along with ensuring that the mother is healthy and nourished and is encouraged to finish school and pursue her dreams, teen pregnancy does not have to end the dreams of a new mother; with the right help and encouragement, she can still have all her dreams and be a great mother.This topic is significant to me because I was a teen mom, and along with the amazing support of my family and the fact that I married my high school sweetheart, it allowed me to finished high school and found the greatest part of myself; motherhood.    I am now a successful businesswoman with five amazing children and getting ready to celebrate my 29th wedding anniversary and almost finished with my college degree.  Its been a bumpy road, but I would never change anything about what I have gone through in my life or any of my children; all of the past made me who I am today, and I believe that if we put resources and energy into these amazing young women, then they too will find the greatest part of themselves.Adrenna postThe topic I’d like to focous on is obesity. As of 2020 in America 39.8% of adults are obese and 18.5% of children are also obese. (Research America 2020). These statics demonstrate just how wide spread the issue of obesity is throughout America. The number of people affected is just one reason why I find this topic interesting, I also find it interesting because of the spider web affect it has.Obesity leads to other major health issues. Heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, joint pain and discomfort, the list goes on and on. So in tackling obesity we are also tackling other major health concerns. A quick google search, nothing of which was something I’d be credible citing, found that their may be connections between low income and obesity as well as education level and obesity. I look forward to researching more about this.The topic of food is medicine is relevant in my house hold as well as maintaining a physical health lifestyle, so this topic also relates to my personal life.RESPOND TO RACHAEL AND ERIK BE CONSTRUCTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL WITH RESPONSE.Rachael postCurrently I work for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facility. The demographics forces are unpredictable as anything when it involves substance abuse and mental health. Covid-19 has impacted all of us in one way or another and the same is true for the businesses. More people are doing through mental health issues and turning to substances to help cope with everyday struggles. As a result, the clients within the organization has increased. This is great for profit because more clients, mean more revenue. However, more clients also mean have heaver case load of staff. This leads to staff burn out and high turn over rates. This increases the inquiries for higher salaries and more new hires.The advantages of technological change are that more clients can be contacted and receive services via email, telephone, social media, and video. The communication can be expanded further and more families can get support. The disadvantages of technological change are that not everyone can afford or operate technological devices, so many individuals are left out of the loop.Presently, my company utilize the (MIS) system, Management information System. This system helps the staff to share information, store data, record financial material, and easily detect errors. Information technology can lead to beneficial changes within the workplace in many ways. Information technology is the set of methods or techniques for acquiring, organizing, storing, manipulating, and transmitting information (Jones & George, 2020, Chapter 18, Essential Managerial Tasks). Information technology can increase accessibility, communication, data tracking, and accurate budgeting.Erik postThe company I work for is At&t in the retail sector of it. In my current location the only thing we have experienced is a decrease in traffic which for now is mainly due to the pandemic but prior to the I think it’s a lost of interest in going to the store. With new advancements in technology on the daily for us it has helped continue to serve outside the store with user friendly online and curbside.From time to time they give us new programs or update our current ones for they say it will be better which at times it is not.We partnered up with a company called Salesforce which they have a program that helps us gain consumers by reaching out to them. The demographic is pretty good where we have women as store mangers to presidents of regions. The only thing right now is no one wants to work and with our position working remotely is not an option. In regards to information technology it could use a major over haul stat!

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