After mentioning core requirements about the assignment2, i want to know about price..can u pls respond to me asap??

hi, i have attached two files, assignment1 and assignment2. In assignment1, we re-factored the given program using the concept of polymorphism. In assignment2 we have been asked to apply concept of polymorphism, abstract factory, and dependency injection on the same code, which now saves the history in database. Unlike in assignment1, this time our program should save patient history in database plus it should be independent of different types of database (means it should be able to save in different databases). since i have idea about mysql and sql, i want this to be saved in them.i want this to be done with simple ideas fulfilling all the requirements before this friday 6pm..
After mentioning core requirements about the assignment2, i want to know about price..can u pls respond to me asap??
Document Preview:

assignment 1/bin/Debug/ConsoleApplication1.exe
__MACOSX/assignment 1/bin/Debug/._ConsoleApplication1.exe
assignment 1/bin/Debug/ConsoleApplication1.pdb
__MACOSX/assignment 1/bin/Debug/._ConsoleApplication1.pdb
assignment 1/bin/Debug/ConsoleApplication1.vshost.exe
__MACOSX/assignment 1/bin/Debug/._ConsoleApplication1.vshost.exe
assignment 1/bin/Debug/ConsoleApplication1.vshost.exe.manifest
__MACOSX/assignment 1/bin/Debug/._ConsoleApplication1.vshost.exe.manifest
assignment 1/bin/Debug/test.txt Title = Ms
Name = Komal
Last name = Chawla
Gender = Female
Medicare no = 572352
Height = 67.2
Weight = 165.3
Age = 32
Daily Recommended calories = 1531.23
Ideal Weight = 62.06

__MACOSX/assignment 1/bin/Debug/._test.txt Mac OS X 2 ³ å ATTR GÂà å ˜ M ˜ M q/0000;5242149d;Safari;33CE9CE7-6E0C-49C9-B723-A611D70D0210|
__MACOSX/assignment 1/bin/._Debug
__MACOSX/assignment 1/._bin
assignment 1/ConsoleApplication1.csproj 4.0 Build ‘$(Configuration)’ == ” Debug ‘$(Platform)’ == ” x86 8.0.30703 2.0 {B8D4DE50-DF89-46A0-B3EC-85F14BC6EB5C} Exe Properties ConsoleApplication1 ConsoleApplication1 v4.0 Client 512 ‘$(Configuration)|$(Platform)’ == ‘Debug|x86’ x86 true full false bin\Debug\ DEBUG;TRACE prompt 4 ‘$(Configuration)|$(Platform)’ == ‘Release|x86’ x86 pdbonly true bin\Release\ TRACE prompt 4 System System.Core System.Xml.Linq System.Data.DataSetExtensions Microsoft.CSharp System.Data System.Xml Program.cs Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs $(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets
__MACOSX/assignment 1/._ConsoleApplication1.csproj
assignment 1/obj/x86/Debug/ConsoleApplication1.csproj.FileListAbsolute.txt c:\users\kkakaria\documents\visual studio…

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