After assessing all the things in your life that are stressors, the next step would be to

SCI 163 Final Exam

This pack of SCI 163 Final Exam includes answers to the next questions:

1) Wellness is best described as2) Janice describes herself as confident and trusting, and she displays both high self-esteem and high self-efficacy. The dimension of health this relates to is the3) Katherine is an energetic, confident student who is not afraid to get up in front of the class and read her essay aloud. She trusts that even if some students don’t agree with her point of view, they will still value her as a person and a friend. Katherine has positive4) Jill has many friends, is respected by her co-workers, and maintains a great relationship with her boyfriend. Her ability to interact with others is an example of the __________ dimension of health.5) The dimensions of physical health include which of the following?6) A term used to encompass mental, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of health is7) Keisha puts herself down all the time. She is very negative about everything and doubts her ability to succeed. Keisha is displaying8) Calories from foods like soda and ice cream are called9) Which statement summarizes the connection between diet and health?10) What is the difference between a portion and a serving?11) Which of the following is accurate for one serving from the vegetable group?12) To reduce the amount of sugar you eat, you could avoid the following common form of simple sugar:13) Why should you reduce your sodium intake?14) Janice has been lifting 95 pounds while doing three sets of 10 leg curls. To become stronger, she began lifting 105 pounds while doing leg curls. What principle of strength development does this represent?15) Theresa wants to lower her ratio of fat weight to her total body weight. She wants to work on her16) Which statement best summarizes the association between exercise and improved immunity?17) Exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease by which of the following?18) Which is true about target heart rate?19) An example of exercises for someone who wants to improve sport or fitness related performance would be20) Your heart races and you cannot think of anything to say when you are asked to speak in front of a group of your peers. This is an example of21) A pop quiz in class is an example of22) Catrina felt her racing heart finally slow down after she had nearly hit a deer in the road with her car. This is an example of23) Amy feels great these days. She knows what to expect this semester, has refined her time management skills, and has learned how to manage her responses to stressors. Her weight is under control and she is in the best physical condition of her life. She doesn’t have any worries. Amy is in a state of24) Downshifting refers to the process of25) You finally decide to try to manage your stress. After assessing all the things in your life that are stressors, the next step would be to

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