Access “Parallels In Time: A History of Developmental Disabilities”

Assignment #2

History of Dis/Ability Response



  1. Access “Parallels In Time: A History of Developmental Disabilities” using the following URLs: OR
  2. Review all sections of one of these websites.
  3. minimum 500 word (double spaced) summary is required for at least 3 or moreof the sections/topics reviewed. (one summary that includes all 3 sections/topics)
  4. A one page (double-spaced) personal reaction should follow the summary.
  5. Two questions about the information you summarized should be asked at the end of your personal response.
  6. And finally, how does this information relate to course information covered so far?

Please note Grading and submission issues: click here for more information on this paper

*The Cover Sheet/Rubric will be used as the first page.  Failure to include the self-scored cover sheet/rubric will result in a loss of points.

*Be sure to save a copy of your assignments throughout the semester.  Loss of an assignment or failure to submit online using Blackboard are the responsibility of the GS 420 student.

*This assignment is to be uploaded (electronically submitted) on Blackboard using the “submit” button in the “Assignments” folder (found on the button located on the main menu of the Blackboard course.  You are responsible for submitting an assignment according to the instructions provided on Blackboard regardless of any technical problems with Blackboard.

*DO NOT SUBMIT AS AN ATTACHMENT TO AN EMAIL ACCOUNT or DO NOT SUBMIT TO THE DIGITAL DROPBOX UNDER ANY  CIRCUMSTANCES.  Use the help button and video tutorials to help with Blackboard.  Contact the instructor onlyif you are having exhausted all of your resources.

*Use people-first language in all assignments.  Failure to do so will result in a point loss.  Acknowledging people with disabilities as “people first” shows respect and appreciation.  If you have questions as to how to phrase a sentence using person-first language, please see the Course Documents section of Blackboard: “Think Before You Speak” for examples.


*All assignments need your full name and assigned student number.  Failure to include your name and/or number will result in point loss.

click here for more information on this paper

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