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October 24, 2018
Describe the key components in requirements elicitation and analysis.
October 24, 2018

A case study where you present a particular example of this issue

 Topic: Write a paper on an engineering issue that is directly related to a particular sedimentary rock or metamorphic rock. (eg: an engineering issue of limestone)

2. Required questions to be addressed:

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– A definition of the problem/topic, and an explanation of how it is an engineering problem

– A discussion of the sedimentary or metamorphic rock in question, and a clear description of the scientific and geological reasons why this rock is linked to the issue in question

– A case study where you present a particular example of this issue

– A discussion of suggested remedies/mitigation strategies or approaches to deal with the issue


3. at least three (3) peer-reviewed resources (book or journal article),

two (2) website resources (must be Government websites, Museum websites,Websites of professional scientists with institutional affiliations)

there are also should be include one reference related to case study, because we need give some particular example of case study in the paper.

4. The required citation and reference style is NRC Reference Style. Stype link: (

5. LAST. THERE’S A CHECKLIST ON THE LAST PAGE WHAT POSTED  ATTACHMENT.(GEOL 2101 Writting assignment 2 – Engineering Issues. pdf)


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