1. final must be taken at 9am eastern standard time on may 17th. 50 multiple choice questions. powerpoints provided.2. Read the article and formulate a statement answering the provided research questionsBased on the question and your thesis statement, you will have to analyse the news story below using concepts and examples learned in class. Write a well-organized and clearly- argued 4-5 paragraph paper that includes the following details:2. Analysis(a)  A statement of how the demonization of Islam gets normalized based on stereotypes and how this has led to the Muslim Travel Ban under Trump. (introduction: 1 paragraph)(b)  Describe and elaborate on how such cultural identity informs pre- and post-Muslim Ban politics and policies. (2 paragraph of 200-250 words/paragraph)(c)  In conclusion, propose your own well-informed vision of how the issue raised in the case in question marginalizes the Muslim community in the US and what measures the Biden administration could take to counter this (1-2 paragraphs)At least three citations to three different peer-reviewed reading in APA style

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