The I live in is LouisianaReview Standard Bent Glass v. Glassrobots, 333 F.3d 440 (3rd. Cir. 2003). What about this transaction provides support for the applicability of the arbitration clause?  Does the Statute of Frauds apply to this transaction?  Why or why not?  Post your completed response to the case in the main forum.Your initial post should include evidence from other cases (not Standard Bent Glass v. Glassrobots) that support your decision. Your follow-up discussion should challenge your classmates’ findings and defend your own position. Follow-up discussions to classmates’ initial responses should integrate course theories with a practical application of the subject; offer a personal observation or experience; reference real-world examples, current events; or present current research on the topic that encourage further discussion and ongoing dialogue with other students and the instructor in the class.ReferenceDescriptionGood Morning,When reviewing the UCC for our essay, do we use the UCC for Arizona, or for the state we live in? Response from Professor:I would mainly focus on the UCC as created, not as adopted per the state. However, if you want to go into more detail at the state level, that is up to you which state you choose.Uniform Commercial CodeGo to The Legal Information Institute and search for Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) for your state. Access the UCC Law as it has been adopted by your state. If you cannot access the full text of your state’s UCC, you may review the website for the state of Arizona.URL: 1, General Provisions: Uniform Commercial Code LawRead “Chapter 1, General Provisions: Uniform Commercial Code Law,” located on the Arizona State Legislature website.URL: Chapters 9-16 in Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment.URL:

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