Structured DebateBased on the required readings, lecture materials, scenario, and video for Week 4, you will turn in a word processing document with the following elements:1. A cover sheet.2. A well structured, written argument of no less than three full pages explicitly presenting:a. Your key assumptions,b. Your key pieces of evidencec. And a careful articulation of the logic behind your methods.3. A bibliography of ALL sources used for your paper in APA format (use as a guide if necessary).Your assignment should carefully adhere to the following guidelines:1. All formatting, from the structure of the paper to citations, should conform to APA guidelines.2. All work must be original and in your own words. No direct quotes permitted.3. Use a 12-point font with 1-inch margins, double-spaced.4. All text should be written in standard prose (no bullet points).

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